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We're Back in Action!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

After a year out of circulation, Two Creek Hill is back and better than ever.

Meet Amos the Moose

Dear members of the Two Creek Hill family, greetings from sunny and green Vermont. First things first - we got a moose named Amos. He says hi. He lives by the front door and he's our new mascot. That's his picture up top.

Relaunching Two Creek Hill

Welcome also to our revamped and streamlined website. It went live on July 23 as part of our relaunch of Two Creek Hill. We haven't rented the house out since August of 2017 because Kristyna and Lily were living in it while David was in the Central African Republic, but now it's back and better than ever.

Lots of Improvements

Over the last 16 months, we've been busy.

We put new rock facing on the concrete foundation, replaced 90 percent of the windows, repainted the entire exterior, paneled the entire mudroom and put in slate heated floors, installed new cabinets in the mudroom and placed new pavers out to the hot tub. We also got a new sectional in the loft to make your quiet time even more comfortable and hard to resist. Also, we got the aforesaid moose. Here are some pictures of all of the activity.

Come on Over, The Door is Open

It hasn't all been work and digging though.

We've still taken time to enjoy all that Vermont has to offer. We hope you too come and treat yourself to some rest and recuperation at the new and improved Two Creek Hill. We look forward to welcoming you. The door is open.

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